Trump took a question from a reporter he considered hiring and used it to bash the media

President Trump spoke for about seven minutes at a joint press conference with the President of Poland in Warsaw Andrzej Duda Thursday before an interpreter had opened the session to questions from journalists. Without hesitation, Trump called David Martosko, the Daily Mail, who was a candidate to become the White House press secretary before retiring from consideration two weeks ago.

“I have to ask questions about it,” Martosko said, after addressing the issue of North Korea’s nuclear deterrent. “Since the whole fight started, what do you think of what has happened since then? I mean CNN was behind you and threatened to reveal the identity of a person claiming to be responsible.

“Yeah, I think CNN was unlucky for them,” Trump replied. “As you know, they now have very serious problems.” False news was made for a long time. They cover me in a very, very dishonest way.

And he continued, “But CNN and others – and others – I mean NBC is also too bad, although I have made a fortune with” The Apprentice “, but they have forgotten … but I have to say that CNN has been so successful too I think this is a very important thing, and I think it’s a very important thing, and I think it’s very, very, very, very wrong. We do not want false news.

“And, by the way, not everyone is a fake report, but we do not want false news, bad news, bad news for our country.”

What a scene: the president of the United States on foreign soil, who has granted a journalist, who considered hiring the first two questions is only available to American journalists at a joint press conference – then using the opportunity Other means of communication.

Ari Fleisher, a White House press secretary for George W. Bush responded by pointing out that he asked reporters who years later worked in the Obama White House. Jay Carney, for example, covered Bush House magazine House for Time magazine before becoming Obama’s press secretary.

First, the Fleischer retort emphasized the fact that supporters of the press are a fact of life. On the other hand, he emphasized an unfavorable contrast to Trump.

Fleischer said he took questions from critical journalists. Great. Trump, however, systematically called reporters conservative views at joint press conferences with foreign leaders and their spokespeople rarely get questions from CNN these days.

Trump said he wanted to “just have to press” but said his definition of “fair” is favorable when he suggested that the NBC news division should be treated better because it earned money for its entertainment business as a television star reality. CNN President Jeff Zucker, NBC led during the triumph career in “The Apprentice,” which, as I wrote Monday, says the president of frustration with CNN.

Trump’s message for Thursday’s world was the US president’s idea of ​​a free press based on favors: a warm welcome to the White House and the president will allow him to ask questions. They do not offer positive coverage as a reward for previous business relationships, and will have “false news” right.

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