Trump gets trolled — again — by Obama’s White House photographer over ‘respect for women’

As a chorus of Democrat and Republican lawmakers have suddenly slammed President Trump’s “sexist” tweets about MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, former White House chief of photography took social networks to try to repeat the president.

Pete Souza, who told the Obama presidency, shared a photo of an oval office that affects four women with Barack Obama as president. The frank photo shows Obama sitting at his desk and gestures while talking to women.

Souza also shared the photo on Twitter, just hours after the triumph unleashed some tweets about Brzezinski and co-host Joe Scarborough. Trump called Brzezinski “under I.Q. crazy Mika” and said he had a facelift.

The triumph Tweets came just three weeks after members of Congress called for civility, moderation and cooperation following a shootout that injured five to practice baseball in Alexandria, Virginia. Several lawmakers have taken Twitter to reprimand Trump for his tweets. And improper of the president of the United States.

Souza, who said that his “political tendencies are Democrats,” Trump once controlled by sharing photos that seem to show the marked differences of men.

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For example, he shared a photo of Obama was the left hand of his wife, Michelle Obama, as they both heard a speech in Selma, Alabama. The short story, “Hand in Hand,” seems to be the light that Trump and Melania Trump had first made – or not finished, Amy B. Wang, the Washington Post wrote.

Souza’s picture followed a couple of viral video clips of the president and the first woman on their trip to the Middle East last month. One of them shows that Melania Trump seems to have failed at the hand of her husband after arriving in Tel Aviv. In the other, apparently to avoid holding the president’s hand after landing in Rome.

Last May, after the Post gave him the news of Trump revealing highly classified information to Russian officials, Souza posted an image of a folder marked “classified” in his former boss’s office. The caption: “The Resolute Official Desktop Treatment, 2009.”

The subtext, writes Emily Heil of the publication: Obama knew how to handle sensitive information. Sergei, who also photographed the Reagan White House, has for several years shared sincere images he has taken with Obama over the past eight years. CNN described as “a silent, social media, protesting the shadows in the visual.”

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