Three years of Modi govt: 61 per cent people say expectations have been met

Despite a perceived loss of confidence issues regarding public policy, inflation and employment, at least 60 percent of Indians believe that their expectations of the government’s present Narendra Modi have been met. This is in line with an online poll conducted by LocalCircles, an online citizen participation platform.
When the government led by the BJP has completed three years in the Center, the survey shows that 61 percent of those surveyed “expectations reached or exceeded.”
Among the parameters used to evaluate the performance of the Modi government, the study focused on the missions launched during the period. Among them, the direct transfer of benefits (Pahal) obtained the highest approval rate of 47 percent, followed by Jan Dhan Yojana to 29 percent. On the other hand, SWACHH Bharat and Do of India got only 16 percent and 8 percent of approval ratings respectively. Among other problems, inflation, crime against women, unemployment and health care were areas where the Modi government scored low. People have been largely disappointed by how their parliamentarians also discussed their concerns with a whopping 69 percent believe that politicians were not doing enough.
In the survey conducted by LocalCircles, more than 40,000 respondents in nearly 200 cities participated.
On the other hand, the areas in which the government has obtained a high qualification include issues of foreign policy, such as the management of Pakistan and the global influence of India under the government of Modi. The survey also showed that more people were confident about the future of their families and families in the country. It also showed that people were more positive about how the government handled common problems and infrastructure development.
As for the demonetization program announced in November last year, the survey showed that 51 percent of people believe that dismantling the old Rs 1000 and RS 500 grades was a successful exercise. On the other hand, only 37% thought demonetization had reduced corruption in India.
Contradictory figures tend to suggest that public faith in PM Modi remains high, even though government programs receive a poor rating.

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