Switch from IPL to Champions Trophy will require rapid changes, says Shane Bond

Former panda Shane Bond of New Zealand said it would be difficult to go to the fashionable ICC Champions Trophy after a month of play in the Premier League of India.
Giving the national colors after 2017 IPL for most players will require quick changes and adjustments, Bond wrote in a column for the CPI.
The Champions Trophy will be played in England and Wales. The weather modification will be a relief for players ranging from India to the UK, Bond said. But the biggest difference will be played during the three and a half 50-over cricket tournament. However, he added that, since players are already in training mode, the adjustment should not be a problem.
The pitchers will have problems, according to Bond. He wrote: “Due to the times of IPL condensation, heat and travel, pitchers have not played much in the networks. Upon entering the ICC Champions Trophy, where the best bowlers must settle for their Share 10 in off, pose a unique challenge as far as players who have not had enough workload. It is important that this is not just their powers to speed, they should also have miles on their legs. ”
Bond believes Indians have difficulty adapting to change after a long season, followed by IPL. Australia also played the test series in February and March, before the 20-over tournament. “They’re going to want a mental break for a couple of weeks in the Champions Champions Trophy,” he said.
There is a short interval of ten days between the two tournaments.
Entering the Champions Trophy will be an advantage for Pakistan, who played and won a series of three-game trials against the West Indies. He said the Pakistan pitchers are in a good place in terms of value.
Few batters will face challenges due to changing roles. Rohit Sharma and Aaron Finch said, they should get used to playing the new ball.
Bond added that the UK is a good place to play cricket because most bus travelers, which he believes are good for team spirit.
He believes that teams participate in the tournament with the philosophy of winning two games and lead the momentum forward, which could allow them to win the first match is crucial.
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