SpaceX to Deliver Crew Supplies, Research Material to ISS on June 1

SpaceX to Deliver Crew Supplies, Research Material to ISS on June 1

SpaceX will launch its Dragon spacecraft for its commercial mission 11 to resupply the International Space Station (ISS), Kennedy Space Center on June 1.

Dragon will mount in orbit on a Falcon 9 crew rocket with supplies, equipment and scientific research for crew members living aboard the station, NASA said in a statement Saturday.

The research flight and facilities that will study neutron stars, osteoporosis, solar panels and tools for Earth observation.

“In addition to studying the matter in neutron stars, the payload also includes a demonstration of the technology called Explorer station synchronization technology and X-ray navigation (Sextant), which will help researchers develop a Space navigation pulsar bases, “said NASA.

Neutron stars are bright ash left behind when massive stars explode like supernovae and contain exotic states of matter that can not be reproduced in any soil laboratory.

These stars are called “pulsars” because of the unique shape they emit. Gradually, as the star rotates, the light passes by, making it look as if the star was pulsating.

The payload of the neutron star Composite Exploration (best), attached to the outer space station, study the physics of these stars, which provides a new insight into nature and behavior.

Neutron stars emit X-rays, allowing the most enjoyable technology to observe and record information about their structure, dynamics and energy.

NASA will also send new solar panels called the Solar Array (ROSA), which are lighter and are stored more compactly for the launch of rigid solar panels used today.

ROSA has solar cells in a flexible cover and a frame that is like a tape measure.

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