From India to Britain, massive ransomware attack creates havoc

A day after a massive attack ransome hit nearly 100 countries, including India, terrible details slowly emerge on Saturday as hospital computers in Britain to Andhra Pradesh police stations have been hacked, it was allowed to experts in computer security vilo .
In India, a section of the Andhra Pradesh police computer was cut. Computers in 18 police units in the districts of Chittoor, Krishna, Guntur, Srikakulam and Visakhatpatnam were affected.
According to the general director of the Police N. Sambasiva Rao, the systems that use the Windows operating system were affected by the cyber attack. The police chief’s team with the Apple IOS was safe.
R. Jaya Lakshmi, Police Superintendent, Tirupati Urban, said the “ransomware” encrypted data in some police stations, adding that they were not able to access the data and the pirates call for rescue of the Bitcoin digital currency to restore the access.
“The impact is minimal, because we also keep online FIR records and other documents,” Lakshmi said.
Among the government agencies and companies affected worldwide were the National Health Service (NHS) of Great Britain, the Ministry of Interior of Russia, the Spanish giant Telefónica communication, the Iberdrola supplier of electricity, natural gas and FedEx in The USA..
According to press reports, the teams worked 24 hours 24 in response to the attack, resulting in cancellation of operations, ambulances were diverted and documents such as patient records were not available in England and Scotland.
After denying reports that their computers had been attacked, the Russian Interior Ministry later confirmed that “about 1 000 computers were infected.” The ministry said the technicians had restrained the attack.
Kaspersky Lab, based in Moscow, has been found to have used variants of malicious software called “WannaCry” that have encrypted the files.
“Once inside the system, attackers install a rootkit that allows them to download the software to encrypt the malware data encrypting the application files from $ 600 to Bitcoin appears with the portfolio – And … rescue request increases over time” “Said Altaf Halde IANS, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab (South Asia).
Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that the company’s subsystem protection has detected at least 45,000 infection attempts in 74 countries, mainly in Russia.

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